Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Note to Andy...

To my husband after we’ve had a baby,

It was impossible for us to know what any of this would be like. We went into labor as delivery rookies, relying on our childbirth classes and Google for our limited knowledge.

You calmed my nerves and held my hand through every contraction. You held us through the scary parts and ugly-cried as we met our baby girl for the first time. You told me how proud you were of me and you helped me with everything in the tough days after when I felt like my strength had left me.

So here we are now, with Natalie, almost 5 months old, who looks nothing like you (LOL), and you still tell me how proud you are of me. Of us. Of our little family. Day in and day out, you tell me how beautiful I am even when my hair is dirty for 5 days. You turn your head when I eat five cookies and a bag of chips with a tub of ice cream. You never protest when I tell you I need bubbletea and to walk around T&T for a couple hours. Never speak a word of my mood swings. Never flip out when I’m crying for no reason. You listen to me. You help make the major changes not seem so major. You take me out because you know we need time outside of home. Even if it was just a two-hour errand to Walmart, so we can hold hands.

You love me just the same. No, you love me more. You carefully push me to be the best version of myself.

Some days are hard, and some nights we don’t get much sleep, especially during her growth spurts. Some days I don’t get a shower and I walk around for hours with dried milk all over me. You never complain when I pass her to you with a dirty diaper the second you walk in the door so I can pee. You change basically all the diapers and wash all her bottles. You sleep extra late and wake up extra early to take care of Rex because you don’t want me to have to worry with it.

And so I thank you.

For telling me I’m a good mom. For loving me. No matter what I look like or how I feel. Thank you for always thinking I am the prettiest. The best. The sexiest. Even when I have a double pump action thing going on hanging off my boobs.

I am going to work hard on loving myself the way that you love me because the way you love me is the greatest way of all. I love being your wife, and I love doing this parenting thing with you. I love you so much. Thank you for everything.


Friday, March 3, 2017

Natalie Newborn Photos

Our first family photo :)

 We love you so much..
Hope you will be a happy kid forever..



Thursday, March 2, 2017

First Week of Motherhood!

There goes my first week of motherhood!

Name: Natalie Fung 馮曦彤
Birthday: February 19th, 2017
Birth Weight: 7 lb 11 ons
Birth Height: 51cm
Hospital: Mackenzie Health Richmond Hill
Favorite Food: Milk
Favorite Beverage: Milk
Hobby: Sleep in day; Cry at night

Nice to meet you all!



Monday, January 30, 2017

懷孕尾聲 { 38w 5d }

新蒸頭!今日年初三~ 亦都係我黎到懷孕尾聲啦!

唔洗返工既日子,暫時日日都忙忙碌碌~ 唔係覆診就係去行街,買送,執屋。加上新年日日都整好多嘢食,比老公,老爺奶奶,爸爸媽媽,同派朋友~ 好開心啊~ 但呢個禮拜終於要停落黎,老公落order話唔再可以自己一個人出街喇~ 每次出去就算覆診都要帶侍衛,所以呢兩個禮拜產檢都由老爺黎車我去~ 真係麻煩曬~

冇嘢做既日子實在會在家胡思亂想~ 最近開始有恐懼既感覺⋯ 好想搵人傾訴,但最近個個都忙於新年,忙於生活~ 然後喺google上查看「產前恐懼症」既資料,越睇越驚,哈哈~ 希望最後呢個禮拜自己會調節一下心情,放鬆D⋯

//  my husband says i'm a very cute and pretty pregnant lady, i believe him :)  //

懷孕尾聲喇,每次我都係喺都講how I love being pregnant,其實事實上我同所有開心孕婦一樣有幾樣嘢係cannot wait to get over既!

1。 婚戒:我好想帶番我隻婚戒啊!已經好幾個月冇帶過啦,應該係自從懷孕第7個月以後。早上帶上去係冇問題既,問題係晚上除唔番落黎😆 圓咕嚕既手指~ 我唔會掛住你㗎~ 走啦走啦~

2。生冷食物:其實我唔係特別有craving,但只不過總有幾日我係想食清淡D。而平時每次想食清淡D,我地都會去食日本嘢,魚生壽司之類~ 至於生嘢,我好想食魚生,生蠔,6成熟既牛扒⋯

3。維他命丸sss:我實在實在太太太太cannot wait to get over this喇!呢個我應該放喺number 1!每一日我係要食四粒藥丸㗎!平時我係連傷風感冒都唔會食藥既人,而家每日要啪4粒藥丸先可以訓實在非常難受!我食既有止嘔丸1粒,鐵丸1粒,DHA丸1粒,同鈣丸1粒。雖然生BB後如果要喂人奶都要keep住繼續食鈣丸同DHA,但起碼食少2粒我已經好開心啦喇⋯

4。靚鞋:我D鞋啊~ 好掛住你地~ 自從7個月之後,我每日都係著波鞋同UGG。雖然生BB之後都唔會點著高踭鞋,但起碼我D靚靚flats同sneakers可以著番~ 希望腳腫會真正退落黎,人地話生完BB隻腳可能會大咗~ 如果係咁老公就大獲喇,要買過曬D新鞋比我 (*^o^*) sorli monkey大肚臍!

5。訓覺:我知道生完BB係更加冇得訓,但自從我踏入懷孕最後一個月之後,我就算係攰到趴街都要個幾鐘先訓倒亦都係非常痛苦!我張床上面有要五個枕頭圍住我,係五個啊!傻的嗎~ 感覺上同老公中間隔咗條黃河啊~ 就算攰到趴街都訓唔到呢個感覺係超超超超痛苦!肚上面既皮左拉右扯,點放都唔舒服。唔可以向上訓,唔可以向下訓,我係習慣向下攬住個枕頭訓既人啊!有時終於訓著啦,又比旁邊既大爺鼻鼾嘈醒,從頭再數過綿羊⋯

6。體重:cannot wait to 輕番嗰肥咗既23磅,不過呢樣嘢,順其自然啦,會以喂人奶為重⋯ 加油加油!

新爸爸每日都好緊張啊,愛你愛你 (^ω^)